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Hubert Cumberdale wears a butcher's suit, this probably infers that either a Salad Fingers knows of a Hubert Cumberdale who was a butcher or b Salad Fingers was the alter-ego Hubert Cumberdale going from the revelations of episode 6 the bad personality consuming the good personality.

Salad Fingers takes up various habits, including a regular measurement of the The salad fingers thesis between his house and a tree, tasting of the dirt "floor-sugar"and listening to his radio. He arrives at the house from episode 1where the small, yellow-skinned human-like creature with big eyes lives.

Salad Fingers

Salad Fingers orders Hubert Cumberdale to "scrub that muck off at once! Rule 7 - Write up your theory if you link to an outside source People shouldn't have to leave the sub to know what your theory is, please include a write up about your idea. Drawn, animated and voiced by David Firth. Perplexed and irritated by the pole, which he attempts to question, he goes back indoors and causes Milford to fall from his hook while berating him.

Furthermore, he often assigns such objects proper names and appears to believe that they can communicate with him directly, sometimes voicing their perceived thoughts himself. Characters[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research.

I'm not convinced it needs a separate page, but I think the theory page should have a bit more time to prove itself. One theory about this war states that this war was most likely nuclear. The fact that it is rusty is that the rust is perhaps a substitute of dry blood, or perhaps a token of the past which we do not know about.

However, he is oddly frightened by a mutated boy with disproportionately large eyeballs that has been "watching him for a while".


There is no sign of the horse or of Dr. Branches" with a clickwheel and subsequently teases it for its slow movement. Where IS the Theories entry on Wikipedia? Yvonne A black slimy object that Salad Fingers "gives birth to" out of the front of his stomach in episode nine.

And should the episode synopsis go here, or on the front page? Salad Fingers recalls some memories of Aunty Bainbridge "all in faded days". Salad Fingers wakes up in his room, very pale and his stomach growling.

The boy, who speaks only in growls and grunts, approaches Salad Fingers, having apparently fallen in love with him. In this episode Salad Fingers mentions the Scottish town of Cowdenbeathindicating he is aware of real-life places.


He throws the puppet away in fear, only for it to sprouts knives and latch onto a nearby horse closely resembling "Horace Horsecollar". It has a large stitch across its forehead, and as such, many refer to it as "Stitch-head".

As Salad Fingers is digging holes outside with his finger puppets, occasionally tasting the sand which he calls "floor sugar"he finds the decomposing torso of an old corpse. Wondering what his friends taste like, he briefly inserts them into his mouth, exclaiming that Marjory Stewart-Baxter tastes like "sunshine dust", while Hubert Cumberdale tastes like "soot and poo".

Salad Fingers worries that he may be dying and taps out an S. One hand enacts "Penny Pigtails," the other a market vendor. Rule 3 - Theories must be about creative works TV shows, movies, video games, anime, comic books, novels and even songs are things we like to see, but events pertaining to real life are not.

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I can't find your e-mail address. He also allegedly beat the man to death in his Hubert Cumberdale persona. Salad probably "gnaws into" this baby when he takes it home, much like he will later to the father of the kid, who takes the form of the crazy man crazy to SF, but probably sane in reality.

Later that night, the radio begins to emit strange sounds again and wakes up Salad Fingers. His long, strangely-shaped fingers are his most notable feature, hence the name "Salad Fingers". Below are some random observations Jeremy fisher EP 2 is a kids storytale that shares many similarities with the second episode.

Does anyone know why? Salad Fingers and the little girl giggle and she says that the crow must like spoons too. Some major reorganizing has to be done here Kyle Michelson 23 August I like some of these theories, it does however need to be worked on a little but this is what a discussion thread is.

This character was originally created by Jimi Hollis, who refers to it as the "bug-eyed kid". Episode 1 — Spoons[ edit ] Release date: Making the works more widely available? Episode 9 — Letter[ edit ] Release date: Next, he goes to bed with the Hubert Cumberdale puppet.Salad Fingers is a series of comedy/horror animations by David Firth, dating from Salad Fingers lives in a tiny house (which might be larger.

It is like a large fork connected to a spoon, and the "fingers" scoop up the salad into the spoon similar to a hand (fingers) do.

EgyptianSushi20 February (UTC) This subject has been extensively discussed and everyone pretty much came to the conclusion that the writing means nothing. Buy Salad Fingers merch as well as stuff for all the other bitchin' fat-pie toons.

Me: welcome,Hope you have fingers come in here! *leaves room as salad fingers enters* Salad fingers: Oh he-hello there chap you arrived earlier than I expected.

Thesis Template - Theseus The aim of this Bachelor's thesis was to assess the restaurant services. a neat table and smell, as well as unusually made meals, such as finger food shapes and fun. Also during the lunch Kiila offers salad table (Figure 6) and bread table.

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The salad fingers thesis
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