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Two years later, at the age of thirteen, Azad was married to young Zuleikha Begum. The Sultan had sided against the British in the war and the continuity of his rule came under serious threat, causing distress amongst Muslim conservatives.

Azad, inspired by the passion of Indian as well as foreign revolutionary leaders, started publishing a weekly called "Al-Hilal" in Maulana Azad worked for Vakila newspaper from Amritsar.

But these developments disturbed the British Government and inthe British Government put a ban on the weekly. Legacy and Influence Azad is remembered as amongst the leading Indian nationalists of his time.

This detention continued till December 31, Consequently, thousands of political activists had been arrested and many publications banned.

Abdul Kalam Azad Description: Azad spent the final years of his life focusing on writing his book India Wins Freedom, an exhaustive account of India's freedom struggle and its leaders, which was published in I am indispensable to this noble edifice and without me this splendid structure is incomplete.

Azad took up responsibility for the safety of Muslims in India, touring affected areas in Bengal, Bihar, Assam and the Punjab, guiding the organisation of refugee camps, supplies and security.

Despite Azad's call for Hindu-Muslim unity, Jinnah's popularity amongst Muslims soared and the League entered a coalition with the Congress in December, but continued to boycott the constituent assembly. He oversaw the setting up of the Central Institute of Education, Delhi, which later became the Department of Education of the University of Delhi as "a research centre for solving new educational problems of the country".

Arguing that the rebellion had been mistimed, Azad attempted to convince his colleagues that the Congress should agree to negotiate with the British and call for the suspension of disobedience if the British agreed to transfer power.

His father Maulana Sayyid Maulana abul kalam azad essay writer Khairuddin bin Ahmed AlHussaini wrote twelve books, had thousands of disciples, and claimed noble ancestry, [5] while his mother was Sheikha Alia bint Mohammad, the daughter of Sheikh Mohammad bin Zaher AlWatri, himself a reputed scholar from Medina who had a reputation that extended even outside of Arabia.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Essay for advertising farmer. Muslim religious and political leaders criticised Azad as being too close to the Congress and placing politics before Muslim welfare.

Although the book is a collection of letters but except one or two letters, all other letters are unique and most of the letters deal with complex issues such as existence of God, [18] the origin of religions, the origin of music and its place in religion, etc. Azad saw an opportunity to energise Indian Muslims and achieve major political and social reform through the struggle.

Maulana Azad had a natural inclination towards writing and this resulted in the start of the monthly magazine "Nairang-e-Alam" in He worked closely with Vallabhbahi Patel and Dr.

Although willing to support the British effort in return for independence, Azad sided with Gandhi when the British ignored the Congress overtures. He nominated Nehru, who replaced him as Congress president and led the Congress into the interim government.

He nominated Nehru, who replaced him as Congress president and led the Congress into the interim government.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Biography

Azads were the descendent of eminent Ulama or scholars of Islam. Azad continued to proclaim his faith in Hindu-Muslim unity: He supported provisions for Muslim citizens to make avail of Muslim personal law in courts.

The central government would have Defence, Foreign Affairs and Communication while the provinces would win all other subjects unless they voluntarily relinquished selected subjects to the Central Government.

Abul Kalam Azad

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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad died on 22 February, Tell us what you need to have done now! Azad supported dialogue with Jinnah and the Muslim League between and over a Congress-League coalition and broader political co-operation.

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Although frustrated at their incarceration and isolation, Azad and his companions attested to feeling a deep satisfaction at having done their duty to their country and people. The biggest nationalist upheaval in a decade, Azad was imprisoned along with millions of people, and would frequently be jailed from to for long periods of time.

The three men founded the Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi as an institution of higher education managed entirely by Indians without any British support or control. Education job essay management essay writing about the environmental english.

Essay for family planning yuen long essay on conflict resolution journal articles. After the war Azad was one of the Indian leaders who negotiated for Indian independence with the British. Azad served as president of the Unity Conference in Delhi, using his position to work to re-unite the Swarajists and the Khilafat leaders under the common banner of the Congress.

The movement had a sudden decline with rising incidences of violence; a nationalist mob killed 22 policemen in Chauri Chaura in Azad became the President of the Congress Party inas a prominent member of the Congress.

Shahadat e Hussain Urdu By Abul Kalam Azad Free

Gandhi organised the people of the region and pioneered the art of Satyagraha — combining mass civil disobedience with complete non-violence and self-reliance.

He later blamed both Congress Party leaders and Mohammed Ali Jinnahthe founder of Pakistan, for the ultimate division of the subcontinent.Jan 25,  · Here we listed out some interesting facts about The Great Indian Soldier Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, with his Biography, Profile, Facts, Timeline, Awards, Achie.

Maulana Sayyid Abul Kalam Ghulam Muhiyuddin Ahmed bin Khairuddin Al-Hussaini Azad (pronunciation (help · info); 11 November – 22 February ) was an Indian scholar and senior leader of the Indian National Congress during the Indian independence cheri197.coming India's independence, he became the First Minister of Education in the Indian government Minister of Human Resource Awards: Bharat Ratna.

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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Maulana Abul Kalam Muhiyuddin Ahmed (11 November – 22 February ) was an Indian Muslim scholar and a senior political leader of the Indian independence movement.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad is the author of the book Shahadat e Hussain Pdf. The book Shahadat e Hussain is about the Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Hussain and its impact. This incident happened on 10th of Muharram Ul Haram 61st year of Hijrah in Karbala.

Maulana Abul Kalam Muhiyuddin Ahmed better known as Maulana Azad was born on 11th November,was a senior Political Leader and Indian Muslim Scholar, freedom fighter, and poetry.

He was the first Minister of Education.

Maulana abul kalam azad essay writer
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